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Vice Treasurer : R. Sajina
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Friday, May 7, 2010


It is to be informed that from the month of May to June , all meetings has been terminated due to upcoming examinations and holidays ! Hope that everyone will strive hard for the challenges ahead and excel in every single paper that will be sat for.May blessings fall upon you ! Strive hard,study smart.Until we meet again on the next meeting, Good luck everyone.

Crystal Mok.

* Issue is subject to changes, no official notice has been given.

Chimpanzee Makes Udon!!!

This is our first ever presentation activity for the year. In order to capture every single member's views and ideas into one, we have planned an activity whereby members have to gather in a group to present an interesting topic related to the mathematics and science field.We gathered in the computer room of our school on the first floor of the building with given permission at 2.00 p.m. First group to lay their ideas and presentation was Lim Jia Ni, Loh Sok Cheng,Chong Pei Yi,Sajina,Tan Lee Ting,Elaine Tan.Together , they presented the topic " Animals have talents".From their ideas,it was truly spectatcular that we could all experience this eye-opening truth about animals.It was undeniable that their presentation was something that was fresh,light,interesting, eye catching and creative. They have used various source of information to come up informative,and quite comical with real-life experiences of this furry pets and adventurous creatures.The presentation put us through the message the group tries to convey, it is that Animals Do Have Talent !Here is a link to share of an interesting video that was presented on the day to let everyone have a glimpse of the Wows and OOs that we witnessed !

Crystal Mok

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The lazy garderner

It takes two gardeners 8 days to mow a lawn.

One is lazy and one is energetic.

The energetic one would only take 12 days to mow it on his own.

How many days would the lazy gardener take to mow the lawn on his own?

by lee ting.

Problem at the Bank
A bank customer had £100 in his account. He then made 6 withdrawals, totaling £100. He kept a record of these withdrawals, and the balance remaining in the account, as follows:

Withdrawals Balance left
£50 £50
£25 £25
£10 £15
£8 £7
£5 £2
£2 £0


£100 £99

Why are the Totals not exactly right?

by lee ting.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Coke Can Eruption

I can never forget the baffled faces of Maths n Science Club members when they were asked to open their coke can after shaking it vigorously.Everyone held their cans as far as they could from them-scared that the drink will spurt out.But for our great surprise...the drink did not spurt out.So lets see how does it work.

What You Need
-A fizzy drink

What To Do
First,shake the can vigorously.Then tap on top of the can 15-20 times.Now open the can and you notice that the drink did not spurt out.

How Does it Work
Fizzy drinks are fizzy because they have loads of carbon dioxide dissolved in them under pressure.If you have shaken the drink you will have mixed a whole lot of bubbles into the liquid.These bubbles have already started so if you open the drink immediately,the bubbles can expand rapidly creating foam.The foam is much larger than the can so the drink will spurt out.So by tapping the can it will dislodge the bubbles and therefore less amount of foam is produced.

Balloon Kebab

Its called Balloon Kebab.Anyway it was not eadible but it is a very challenging game.What do you think will happen when a sharp pointy thing meets a balloon-'BANG'.But the most challenging part of this game is to insert a skewer through the balloon without popping it.Amazing right???So now lets see how to do it.

What You Need

What To Do
Insert the skewer through the bottom of the moderate sized balloon,where it is tied off,where the rubber is dark and stretchy.Then try to push it through the very top of the balloon where it is the darkest.So that you have a balloon kebab.

How Does It Work
The darker section around the bottom where the rubber is less taut.This part and the area around the tied end can be penetrated with a sharp object without the balloon popping.In fact,the rubber tightens around the sharp object to keep air from escaping.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The chemical elements song

~sok cheng~